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Will the Real Cinderella Please Stand Up!

Greetings Readers & Friends,

The Real Cinderella showed up at the 2019 Met Gala and she’s of color. Alike the story book character, she rose from the gutter and the grim of poverty and hate. Rapper Cardi B. came to the Met Gala in a vision that is only visualized in fairy tales. It was a vision of how she truly sees herself and understands her worth; at the highest of the high, as THE QUEEN of All being. Who else comes to a costume gala known for rich and cultured socialites and affluent celebrities in an “out of this world dress” draped in exact “Extravagance” that only a Queen can comfortably slay? Only a confident Queen can. Yes, Cardi B. the bold unapologetic spirit whose rap lyrics synthesize her story of grind, hard work, street life, and a once poor marginalized individual from the dirty grim of the Bronx.

The photo alone symbolizes the fact and the reality that no matter where we come from, no matter the journey or the struggle, we all see and visualize Cinderella in the same light; that is we all see and visualize the strength and beauty that we individually possess at some point in our lives. For some it’s just for that moment; that moment in second or third grade when we innocently ponder about what we want to be when we grow up to sadly never be thought of or imagined again. And for others, it never leaves. It’s just tucked away waiting for the opportune moment to bring a charge of shock to the mind and gasp through the heart of the spectator upon the sight of such tangible extravagance. At that very moment prejudices are released and judgments are dropped to finally see and acknowledge the person for how they have always seen and acknowledged themselves. And the imprint of respect that the spectator begrudgingly disregarded for many years finally takes hold.

Believe in yourself! Love yourself! And Always carry yourself in your love. Don’t expect acknowledgment or recognition. It’s not meant for everyone to understand or “get you” all at once or ever. Queens must be taken in doses. This Cinderella had no need for a Prince….both glass slippers were securely in tow at all times.

We see you Queen Cardi B....Very Clearly! You are internal beauty PERSONIFIED! Thank you! Thank you for helping us to see ourselves and to remember who we are in your reflection of raw realness and royalty that you so effortlessly bestowed on this prestigious night. You owned it!



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