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About VirginiaSlim1013


VirginiaSlim1013 serves as a virtual mental healing space that articulates how health and beauty evolves from one's journey and growth in life through reflective writings of experiences. This blog is purposed to serve as a zone of motivation, inspiration, uplift, and hope for anyone seeking clarity of the simplicities of purpose and life. 

The blog name, Virginia Slim1013, symbolizes my life's journey and the day my journey started (i.e., the date that I was birthed into this world...October 13th). Having come an extremely long way in life, this blog is a vessel to project my very long journey from a lost, unaware young soul in the rural banks of the South to a self-aware and vocal advocate of inspiration and motivation who willingly shares the grasp of health and happiness for all. 

I may not post every week, but I will post timely content when I am moved to do so. I truly believe in understanding the matter and/or experience before speaking on it and/or writing on it. Thus, you will always receive authenticity from me and my heart. 



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