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Human Society: The Rejection of the Purest Form of Humanity

Greetings Readers & Friends, Yes, I's been a minute. The lack of our most precious commodity..."time"....has stood between me and my capacity to share my experiences since this past summer. Nothing to rave about... no new journeys or "out of this world" encounters, just life happening as it does..(i.e, the emotional roller coaster of daily interactions, then you close your eyes to sleep and you open them the next morning (if it is the will of the universe) to do it all over again). From this we tend to evaluate the type of day that we have based on our level of engagement; how we feel as we go through it. However, the purpose of such revelation is unknown to many. And I just recently became exposed to that purpose. Our emotional personality and the way that we digest and exert our emotions has a lot to due with our "moon sign." Did you know that we all have a moon sign? I didn't; however, I learned that my moon sign is the Pieces Moon, which kind of explains this blog and its purpose. But I will save that for another post. Just look it up when you have some time to learn about your moon sign to understand why your emotional makeup is the way that it is, and to accept it as a natural part of you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program (lol)........

Due to my busy schedule, days are typically blurred and weeks and months are undefined to the mind just the same. As a result, I don’t have much dedicated time to catch or commit to a lot of the new and exciting unconventional TV shows and/or series that are being made and projected out to the universe. To that end, I depend a lot on Netflix to keep me up to speed. Over the past few months, I’ve grown an intriguing infinity towards the FX television series “Pose.” My sincere appreciation for the show is due to the vast amount of informed education and exposure that I obtained about a beautiful culture of people that society has wrongly rejected in true propaganda fashion. Pose is the an organic depiction of Love in its most rarest form....(i.e., true and unconditional) through the lens and lives of individuals...of human beings......who have been collectively marginalized and shunned by society simply because they chose to live their TRUTH. They chose to be forthright with their soul; they chose to be honest with their spirit; they chose courage over fear; they chose purpose over parish. Thus, they chose to breath and exist as free human beings; a natural inalienable right that that founding structures of our country is designed to provide for us all. Alike tribal infrastructures, Pose exposes us to the “Houses” Survival System and “Ballroom” Social Culture that African American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-non conforming people created in 1980s New York City in order to freely be themselves and to live and exist in their truth. Known as society’s rejects, these pure souls and everything that society has poisoned our minds to think about them, are the complete opposite. They are open and accepting of the unaccepted; of those that society will not provide a seat at the table for. Thus, the show exams how this devout society of people...of human beings....made their own tables (known as Houses) with an endless supply of seats. Watching, learning, listening, and feeling the emotions of this show along with my awareness of the people that I personally know who chose to live their truth, I question society’s motive for wanting to (shun) such a beautiful and transparent group of people. Everything that we are taught that we should be and how we should be to each other (i.e., honest, forthright, passionate, loving, caring, and forgiving), they are and they do without hesitation. Thus the brothers and sisters that our social construct has blinded us to despise, understands and portrays society's most prized infrastructure (Family) better than what could ever be imagined by the human mind . The quote below, spoken by one of the show's most brightest characters, Hector Xtravaganza, is a literal rendering of true fact. And it's what I've honestly experienced to be the most accurate connotation of family:

"Blood does not make family. Those are relatives. Family are those with whom you share your good, bad, and ugly, and still love one another in the end. Those are the ones you select."

-Hector Xtravaganza

The above statement puts the spotlight on the truth of what it means to love and to accept others; the unconditional truth of this huge test that we are in called life. But has this golden rule of love truly been taught and shared as it should? Many don’t realize, but religion and its many variations has been the sole conductor of our morals, values, and principles for many centuries. However, the many inhumane decisions and actions that are common practice in our world and rooted in our history stem from the hands of the church. For example, the persecution and oppression of the Native Americans was inflicted by the European Christian Empire. And the historical views of rejection towards homosexuality was imposed within certain denominations of Christianity. Based on these realities, is society the hypocrite that it feverishly seeks to deflect on other groups that bravely chose not to confirm to its impractical one-size fits all “rules of engagement?” At some point in our lives we all fall victim to Man’s written “rosy-red” instructions for being a human. On this calm Sunday afternoon, I challenge us all to think about the reality of this restrictive criteria. Ask yourself, is reproduction the only criteria for rejection? Hindsight is always 20/20. Think about it and find your truth for yourself! With Love & Light, VirginiaSlim

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