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Life & Living: The Drug of Choice

Greetings Readers & Friends,

The conclusion of this week awakened a deep reflection from within; a reflection on the scientific understanding of being human and what it means to be a human being. And from my thoughts and observations, I’ve come to realize that no matter our situations or vices we are all alike. We are all on the grand path to happiness; to actually "living" and “feeling” alive. Thus, I want to use these keystrokes to push those that are stuck in the center of uncertainty, of disbelief, and of doubt about life.

There is so much pain that comes with living. However, it’s those small infrequent moments of joy; those occurrences of happiness that addict us to life and the want for more that keep us present and activated. Alike the drug addict who is strung out on heroin or crack cocaine, the existence of human beings and their will to live is an addiction. The emotional and/or physical experience of well-being, happiness, or joy activates our brains to release the Serotonin chemical at high rates that consume our bodies and sends into overdrive all things that make us fully present as a meaningful life and as a meaningful human being. Confidence, will, inspiration, and self-motivation are all in attendance at a moment of happiness or joy. Just to articulate how intriguingly intrinsic yet simple we are as creatures of this exponential universe, it only takes a little, it only takes a smudge of happiness to keep us living with a want to do so. Pain and the hurt of it is more profound and present in our lives than we care to realize, but it's so insignificant to us. It’s not our premise. It’s not our basis for the what and why of our existence. It’s the “feel good” and the never ending search for it that is our basis. It's the most intentional element of a human being. It gives us a window to purpose, to meaningfulness, to value, to perseverance, and resilience. And just like the drug addict who is on the never ending search to obtain that jolt of life... that jolt of happiness...that jolt of feeling alive like their first hit of drugs gave them; we are all on that same ride. We are running that same race; searching for that hit of happiness or joy.... drugs that gives us LIFE!

No matter what may be happening in your life, not matter how misunderstood you are or may feel that you are, and no matter how far deep into the dark tunnel that life’s pain may take you, never stop searching for that first hit of happiness that you experienced when your entire body was consumed of value, purpose, confidence, and motivation. Alike the journey of our sisters and brothers whose purpose is sadly illustrated through drugs, your journey is reachable, it’s obtainable, and there’s an abundance of it. It’s there, it’s present. Life and the living of it is right in front of you. Just turn over that rock... look harder at that crack in the sidewalk...slow down to recognize the warmth of the sun.... pause to breathe in the air....and make a complete stop to witness the un-explainable aesthetics of nature that "YOU" are a component of. Happiness surrounds you. All you have to do is acknowledge it.

Love & Light


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