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It's My Body, Not Yours!

Ladies, ALL LADIES. Women, ALL WOMEN Hear This........

It's time! It's time to Stand Up for Our Autonomy, Our Humanness, Our Dignity, and Our Respect! As noted by some supportive advocates, it's not all of them, but it's more than enough. We have to ban together and HOLD THE LINE TIGHT! Write, Speak, March, with all the energy within your being. The newly passed Alabama Law to ban abortions is the epitome of a "controlled and dictated" existence for women if we don't stand and stop this disregard and disrespect of our dignity. Let's use that unwavering stamina that Women are known to have to undo this gross law and those being planned that seeks to control our freedom and liberties as human beings of this earth and citizens of this country. There are no options for this. This is what we have to do. Our children; our future leaders are watching us.

Remember, all it took was twenty-five (25) men out of 159.41 million to control what your sisters in the state of Alabama can do with "THEIR" bodies.

With Fierce & Force,


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