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Battling With Yourself for Happiness: Uplift for the Gray

Greetings Readers & Friends,

For today's post I wanted to provide some words of uplift and encouragement to those who are in limbo with themselves and what they will "allow" to accept as happiness for their own holistic peace. With this being my very first blog post that I have ever done, I admit that it is a form of release, a form of open self-expression that feels quite empowering. I hope you find this post to be as meaningful as my heart found it meaningful to share amongst the masses. -VS

Battling With Yourself for Happiness (Uplift for the Gray)

Happiness means many things to many people. It's a goal or a destination that many seek to achieve and/or arrive at. However, the journey tends to be anything other than clear and simple. One thing that is typically overlooked with "living" life is the constant battle that we have with ourselves to truly make meaningful decisions and take meaningful actions that lead to meaningful results aka HAPPINESS! Society's conventional box of happiness that contains the many trinkets that we are conditioned to believe that we must have to make us happy, to make us valuable, to make us worthy, to make us whole, truly does not work for most people....many being the people who actual engage in society's conventional box theory. Marriage and/or companionship, kids, a home, a well-paying job, an occupational title that superficially makes you somebody, are all conditioned conventional trinkets that causes one to stress, to fear, and to resent. Happiness has no place in such journeys of achievement.

I possess all of the above. And I was recently asked by a fellow colleague if I am happy; if I am satisfied now that I fit within the societal mold. My answer was a effortless yet shameful "no." I lost myself along the way. From the short period of time that I have been on this earth, I have learned that happiness is being one with yourself, being in touch with you as an individual, being at peace with yourself, and not being one with what people think or expect of you. There is a quote that a friend of my mine posted on Facebook and it is a quote that sums up this vital post. I hope it reaches others as it reached no longer be afraid, to no longer worry, and to longer be shamed to be yourself , to owe yourself, and to live for yourself. Free yourself!! The world needs more difference.

My Friend's Quote

"In order to truly live your best life, you've got to live YOUR life! People, organizations, and situations will try and dictate to you who and what you should be. However, the optimal transitional moment in life is when you realize that you owe you. You owe it to yourself to be happy. You owe it to yourself to be different. You owe it to yourself to be at peace. Never let anything stand in the way of your best. Guess what, your best may not be agreeable to others, but it's YOUR best, Live It!"

I never revealed to my friend who posted this quote on their Facebook wall how much this post impacted me and has changed my life. But I am revealing it to you all. Live Your Life!

Light & Positivity,


(I chose a flower as the relating image for this post because I find the most beauty in flowers due to the aesthetic originality and authenticity that it provides. A flower tells the story of self-worth and self-love more deeper than the human species.)

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